Our Mission

At Love Mindset Academy, we believe that:

  • The next wave of human evolution is the evolution of the mind.
  • The greatest potential for opening our hearts lies in the opening of our minds.
  • Most human problems come from humanity’s inability to use their minds appropriately.
  • Our mindsets control our experiences. If we fix how we think, we can fix how we feel and act.
  • The mind is simply a tool which must be united with your heart and your spirit to be effective. A mind detached from the rest of you is a dictator and a tyrant.
  • Inspiration, not authority, is the pathway to helping a person change
  • Each person has unique, beautiful gifts to share with the world. When we heal our minds, we are free to be leaders, contributors, and meaningful members of society

It is our mission to help people:

  • Discover their inner power
  • Learn to love themselves and others
  • Heal their minds and bring about mental health
  • Expand their awareness of the nature of life
  • Connect to their bodies in a meaningful, nonjudgmental way
  • Learn to have relationships based on interdependence
  • Cultivate leadership and contribute meaningfully to the world

Do You Belong Here?

LMA is the perfect place for you if your mind is working against you. Here are some common symptoms of a mind that’s not on your side:

  • Pervasive and painful self-judgment and criticism of your own thoughts, emotions, and actions
  • Inability to understand, control, or stop the flow of thoughts in your head; perhaps a sensation of an incessant mental “noise” or “chatter”
  • Thinking you’ve found out who you really are, only to find yourself doubting your new identity
  • Inability to consistently access a sense of vitality, energy, or personal power
  • Frustration over spurts of emotions that seem to “come out of nowhere”
  • Reliance on the approval of others to know that you have done a good job or made a correct decision
  • Lack of consistency day-to-day in personal routines (especially personal care routines like exercise, sleep, nutrition)
  • Feeling constantly “lost” and unable to find a way out
  • Past wounds and experiences re-surfacing at inappropriate times and places, especially after you thought you had dealt with them
  • Feeling frozen with fear at situations that others seem to be able to cope with effortlessly (e.g. social situations, taking risks)
  • Pent up resentment or grudge-holding against any person, living or dead
  • Feeling “crazy” or like an “outcast”
  • Lack of deep, meaningful relationships with like-minded people
  • Feeling, at times, that life is a painful, horrible struggle; wondering what the point of it all is

If any of the above sound familiar, your mind is working against you. And you’re likely frustrated and exhausted. The classes at LMA are all about training your mind to work with you, not against you, so you can have a beautiful, peaceful life.

The Story of LMA

My name is Vironika Tugaleva. I’m an author, speaker, coach, teacher, and lifelong learner. I help people who are in mental distress heal themselves and discover their inner power. I’m doing this because what I have been doing is just not enough.

Let me explain.

Last year, I wrote a book that I thought would save us all.

I wrote The Love Mindset in the fervor of inspiration after healing from a decade-long struggle with addiction, eating disorders, and profound self-loathing. I had discovered something amazing. I found the secret of healing and happiness, and it was so simple! In a frenzy of excitement, I wrote the book that I thought would change the world.

And, in some ways, it did. It got out there and inspired people. It showed the love-hungry hearts of the world just how powerful, capable, and amazing we really are.

But that was not enough.

I began to speak about these concepts on stage, on the radio, on television so that I could get this message out to more people, to inspire them to discover how amazing and powerful they truly are.

But that was not enough.

I began to get requests for one-on-one help. At first, I was overjoyed to have found a new calling – I was a personal guide, a self-love coach, a healing advisor. I saw people through to their own, unique version of the love mindset. I helped them find their own way.

But that was not enough.

I found myself receiving more requests than I can honour. I tried, at first, to give to everyone, but I soon found myself stretched too thin and I could not be present for anyone, not even myself.

What’s more – I became weary of the constant focus on self-promotion. It was all about my book, my workshop, my message. It was exhausting. Here I was trying to teach people about loving each other while I was completely isolated from them, screaming “Me! Me! Me!” Love has nothing to do with me. This is about all of us!

I looked around me and I saw so many of my fellow love-spreaders, people-lovers, and mind-healers in the same spot. We’re all trying to change the world and we’re doing it on our own.

Then, I looked at all of my clients and followers. They, too, were alone.

I once had two clients in the same city. They were both deeply lonely and convinced that they were the only ones who had any interest in healing and changing themselves. I bet they walked by each other in the grocery store, never knowing that they were best friends waiting to happen.

I wrote, in The Love Mindset, that “There are few things more powerful than people united.” I genuinely believe that and, now, I’m making those beliefs into a reality.

Love Mindset Academy is here because the message in The Love Mindset isn’t mine and I don’t want to act like it is. I haven’t invented anything new. I’ve just stumbled upon an ancient, poignant truth about who we are, what we need, and what we’re capable of.

It’s here because I can’t do this alone.

It’s here because self-help has become too isolating.

It’s here because of you need it.

It’s here because we deserve it.

It’s here for us.

Become a Student

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Become a Teacher

Why Teach at LMA?

Having your course available through Love Mindset Academy is like teaching at a school or university, as opposed to providing lessons from your home. You get all the benefits of a tight-knit educational community such as:

  • Visibility: Your course will be seen by all of the students and teachers of the Academy within listings, “Related” content, and rotating Home Page features
  • Credibility: Being able to call yourself a Love Mindset Academy Instructor will magnify your perceived value as a coach, speaker, or author (especially because of the selectivity with which we select teachers)
  • Community: Being a teacher will give you access to the LMA Faculty Facebook group – a community of like-minded people with whom you can discuss, network, share, brainstorm, exchange reviews, set up joint ventures, make big plans, and create lifelong relationships!
  • Marketing: The business model of LMA encourages group interdependent cross-promotion, rather than the all too common self-promotion. In a world where everyone is begging to be seen and heard, those who come together will achieve greater things than any of us alone.
  • Publicity: As LMA grows, you will receive exponential exposure on internet and traditional media
  • Reputation: Just like an Amazon page, your course will be attached to ratings and reviews that help to communicate the value of your teachings to potential students.


Who Can Teach Here?

Those who teach at LMA must be aligned with the mission of the Academy. Here are some basic principles of what we will say YES and NO to.

Please DO apply if you…

  • Are passionate about their work and excited about inspiring others
  • Teach people to be the authorities/experts on themselves
  • Take a down-to-earth approach to complex emotional, mental, and physical issues
  • Seek to help people change in such a way that, one day, they can perform independently
  • Provide courses that are complete within themselves, requiring no further up sells or tools to make the material effective
  • Take an active role in marketing, promotion, and contributing to the community
  • Have experience with teaching people, whatever form that may come in
  • Have a database of digital products or are comfortable with creating new digital products for distribution

Please DO NOT apply if you…

  • Only want to do this to make money
  • Consider yourself to have been born gifted in some way that is not available to your students
  • Can produce results only with external tools (e.g. cards, crystals, pills, potions, lotions, etc.)
  • Plan to plug your other products/services throughout your courses
  • Have an exclusivity contract for the digital products you want to provide

The following criteria will NOT influence our decision about accepting you as an instructor:

  • Education level
  • Audience size
  • Publicity/popularity
  • Age, sex, weight, race, or any other way you can judge a person by their cover


How to Apply

To apply, please click the button below to download the application form.

Thank you for all who apply. Only those who are eligible candidates will be contacted.

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